Elegant Bumps

Beautiful Babies

Little People

Pregnancy makes women look more beautiful.  Record your baby's journey with a "bump"       shoot, an ideal time to book a session is      between 35 & 38 weeks.

Newborns are divine to capture, their delicate fingers and tiny toes are perfect to photograph within the first 14 days.  It's also a perfect opportunity for the first family portrait.

Having two girls, I know how quickly children grow up, and how important it is to capture them in an environment where they feel comfortable to get the best results.





Whether a Studio style shoot  or an outdoor session, teenagers loved to be photographed, let them get dressed up & let me "snap" away.  A perfect gift for a birthday present.

If a family shoot sounds stressful, why not go to a location where you all like to spend time.  The woods, park or even in the garden, a more relaxed and natural family portrait makes for special memories.

Weddings, Birthdays and Baptisms are all events that are recorded.  Why not enjoy the event by asking someone to capture it for you, that way no one is missing from them important pictures.